Episode 191 – Enemy of the People

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger are joined once again by the belated birthday boy, Ultimate Worrier for another #MAWLive during Enemy of the People. With grudges aplenty this was a monumental episode. No guests. No jokes. No kidding. Okay, a couple jokes. But some serious shit as well. Things get heavy on another very special episode of Heel Turn Radio.


Episode 189 – Slugfest

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger are joined again by the Ultimate Worrier for #MAWLive at the Summit Brewing Company to celebrate the release of their new SLUGFEST Juicy IPA with some Live Pro Wrestling! We have a cavalcade of guests including Chris Jordan, Devon Monroe, Rylie Jackson, Sebastian Taylor, Ricky Noren, John Maddening, and the MAW Champion, Orin Veidt! Raise a tallboy and enjoy!

Episode 188 – Stone Cold Crazy

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger are joined by Ultimate Worrier once again at the Commentary Booth Shaped Like a Table for #MAWLive: Stone Cold Crazy. A phenomenal night filled with a methodical opener, two outstanding Prospect Cup Tournament matches, a whole row of Jerryatrics, a Mercenary malcontent, livelihoods on the line, and an MAW Championship Match for the ages! SPOILERS: We drink root beer afterwards.

Episode 183 – Out Like A Lion

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger are joined by the Ultimate Worrier at the Commentary Booth Shaped Like A Table for MAW’s return to Splitrocks for OutLikeALion. Featuring white meat baby faces, chocolate dipped cones, and more wrestling than you can shake a small child at, we had fun, even without a Title match. Somebody give us a “Well, YEAH!” // Photo: Effie Stop


Episode 179 – Refuse to Lose

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger are joined for #MAWLive once again by the Wizard King’s Ultimate Worrier to discuss MAW Refuse to Lose as they make their Downtown Minneapolis debut at The Pourhouse. Joined for the preview by Darin Corbin making his MAW in-ring debut in a Title Match and then in the post-show by none other than the Wizard King himself. You can learn more about MAW by checking out http://midwestallstarwrestling.com