Heel Turn Radio is a professional wrestling production company producing commentary, podcasts, events, ring announcing, and social media. The team is comprised of The Beard (James Wheeler), Worrier (Ryan Franson) & YOUR King Ginger (Ben Maier) with Nick Caron, Michael Erler, and Doug Little on Video/Production. They have produced a range of over 50 shows and 300 podcasts including their flagship weekly podcast (Heel Turn Radio) and previously, Dive Club. They also produce two weekly podcasts of D&DDT which features wrestling personalities from Minnesota playing the OG of all role playing games: Dungeons & Dragons. All podcasts are  presented in a 60-90 minute downloadable and streamed formats. Content can be found at heelturnradio.com or dnddt.com or subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher.

Follow Heel Turn Radio on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @heelturnradio or e.mail them at heelturnradio [at] gmail [dot] com.