Episode 164 – Black and Blue Friday

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger are joined by Ultimate Worrier at the Commentary Booth Shaped Like A Table for another installation of Heel Turn Radio’s MAW Showcast. We talk about all the matchups by previewing the card and then wrap things up with a special treat: The Renaissance Revolution stops by! Hear what Ricky Noren and Bill Williams had to say about the ills of capitalism on this Black and Blue Friday.



Episode 162 – This Savage Land

The Beard, Ultimate Worrier, and YOUR King Ginger are back in the saddle again and we rode down to Neisen’s for MAW presents THIS SAVAGE LAND. Debuts, Review Previews, and angry dudes were the lay of the land and we were muy impressed. All that and a performance by our brothers from metal mothers: HEEL! Strap on your listening ears, it’s Heel Turn Radio time.

Episode 160 – In Your Haunted House

The Beard, Ultimate Worrier, and YOUR King Ginger are back for MAW In Your Haunted House live from Splitrocks in Wyoming, MN. We preview the six great matches then come back with a wrap up and get you up to date with all MAW’s upcoming dates. We know we said things might get weird, but we didn’t know exactly how weird until we experienced it for ourselves!  Thanks to everyone who dressed up in their finest robes, tights, Giant Gonzalez body suits, and everything else to join in the haunted fun.



Episode 155 – On A Clear Day, You Can See Forever

We Came. We saw. We sat at the Announce Booth Shaped Like A Table in the Haunted Balcony. The Beard, YOUR King Ginger, and The Dark Prophet preview and review MAW’s Season 2 Premiere: On A Clear Day, You Can See Forever recorded LIVE at the Historic Mounds Theatre.

Episode 138 – MAW Live! from the Mounds

The Heel Turn Crew are back for another edition of #MAWlive previewing the card and then breaking down all the action from the Historic Mounds Theatre. We are joined for the post-show breakdown once again by #1 Contender for the MAW Heavyweight Title: “The Dark Prophet” Orin Veidt.


Photo: Effie Stop Photos