Episode 122 – Let Em Say

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger engage in a little potpourri throughout running through the Road to Wrestlemania, CHIKARA, PWG, local news, and much more. Just remember to always answer in the form of a question.



Episode 121 – Only Kings Understand Each Other

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger host Zuka King LIVE from Charleston, SC to talk about making 19 hour drives, learning from legends, becoming the FIRST Zuka King, and a whole lot more. Much like the invitation to join us anytime, we extend that to Midwest promotions. You should book this man, and take a car of his crew. Their Heel game is strong.

Dive Club @ Sporty’s

The whole gang is back together for Burger Baskets, Wings, and things at Sporty’s Bar on Como Avenue. Clark Feldman, Miss JL, Ultimate Worrier, and The Beard are joined by Silverback Mike to Ref Bump all sorts of great wrestling, talk Dive Bars and Wrestling Venues, and ask some questions about where you start when you find yourself in the wide world of wrestling. All that and some delicious Chili on a very special edition of Dive Club.


Episode 120 – Get Offf

The Beard & YOUR Ultimate Worrier break down the week that was and the week ahead. Well wishes to the King and all of the fans that made the trek across the Land of 10,000 Graps last weekend. We’ll see you at the shows as new faces arrive, old faces return, and careers are on the line! Also, Thunderfrog drops in to say hello LIVE from Bar Luchador.

Episode 119 – Been Around the World

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger run through the weekend that is ahead and talks about Air Wolf being the first entrant in CHIKARA’s Young Lions Cup, then sit down with Johnny Parks ahead of his MN Pro Wrestling HOF: Legends Series talk this Sunday, then interview “The Renaissance” Ricky Noren and talk about the Showtime Championship Wrestling double shot showcasing Jeff Cobb.