Episode 223 – Hits Different

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger continue their trip through wrestling in absentia by talking through dream seminars or online guides to various aspects of the brilliant art of pro wrestling. Spanning all of time and space, we count down in no particular order, and once again, we’re gonna need more than three, daddy. WE NEED FIVE.

Episode 222 – Out of the Horse Latitudes

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger return to talk about what is keeping them motivated from the wrestling world. From Nippon to 1980’s Georgia to CHIKARA, we count down our brain food and daddy, we’re gonna need more than 3. WE NEED FIVE!

Episode 219 – Gold Rush w/ Travis Huckabee

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger jump on the Zoom Train to the East Coast to catch up with Travis Huckabee about all things wrestling and the weird world we’re living in as well as recount stories of Golden Jacket matches past and how to best support your fellow wrestling folx through all of this. Join us, won’t you?

Episode 214 – Unladylike w/ John Maddening

The Beard & YOUR John Maddening? sit down at the palatial Maddening Estate in St. Paul to talk about the MNDIY scene, the stranger than fiction life of the davenport-suit wearing ring announcer F1rst fans love to hate to love for a very SPECIAL Valentine’s Day Edition of Heel Turn Radio. #ThisIsNotAHeelTurnPodcast