Episode 144: I (Do Not) Heart Huckabees

The Beard & YOUR Ultimate Worrier are joined by CHIKARA Pro wrestlers Razerhawk and Travis Huckabee as our #7NationCHIKARMY Summer Interview Series rolls on. We talk about upcoming shows this weekend including Clan Feuds which will not only feature the wrestlers of CHIKARA taking on Beyond Wrestling, but a four on four match including our two guests!


Episode 143 – A Violence Fiesta

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger get caught up in the webs of Tommy “Spider Baby” Saturday this week as we talk about proper ways to make the ref look stupid, heeling it up, a history of storytelling, and then we all put our dictions on the table and talk about whose is most verbose. Tune in for a fun interview and then catch Spiderbaby at IWI on July 21st for a match that is sure to be come to known as a Violence Fiesta.

Episode 141 – #7NationCHIKARMY: Lucas Calhoun

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger continue our #7NationCHIKARMY Summer Interview Series with none other than Lucas Calhoun! We chat about Clone drama, karate, finding another Volgar to take on the Legion of Rot, and make a date for the goth club when he comes to wrestler for F1rst Wrestling in September. Hang on to your jumpsuits, ladies and gentlemen. This one is a doozy!


Episode 140 – Man Out Of Time

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger reflect on the life and times of Big Van Vader and then bring you all the MNDIY updates for this weekend, but not before a heartfelt tribute to the Mastodon by Stonehenge. Do yourself a favor and go watch some matches in Japan with one of the best big men ever and take some Vader Time for yourself.

Episode 139 – Gingerpalooza II

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger sit down with Ginger royalty of the Minnesota wrestling scene and the MNDIY Top 50 Number 1: Darin Corbin. We chat about travel snafus, CHIKARY, The Road, how to survive six matches in one weekend, the rise of MN wrestling, his upcoming Freelance defense, and letting your Heel flag fly and how good it feels. Also, Breena makes it a 3:1 Ginger ratio so if you’ve ever looked for a good jumping on point for our show as a red haired wrestling fan, this is the one.


Photo: Twin Cities Media Net – John Oakes

Episode 138 – MAW Live! from the Mounds

The Heel Turn Crew are back for another edition of #MAWlive previewing the card and then breaking down all the action from the Historic Mounds Theatre. We are joined for the post-show breakdown once again by #1 Contender for the MAW Heavyweight Title: “The Dark Prophet” Orin Veidt.


Photo: Effie Stop Photos