Episode 81 – Mizolution is a Miztery

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger get all hopped up on the Tuss ‘N’ Flu to talk ‘Mania, the first week of the new year of WWE, and the Superstar Shakeup and continue our pseudo-feud unloading a whole new attack from our Barsenal Arsenal at the Big Barse Man. We talk the return of the Hardys, where we think certain folks will end up. Who we would switch if we did and what a new Four Horsemen might look like as we faction up as we are wont to do. Give a listen to a very special episode of Heel Turn Radio.


Episode 79 – On The Road, Again

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger talk a double shot last week and ALL the local graps this weekend as well as what is in store in April then move on to the Ring of Japan and the Honorable Ring to check out what is going on with Meek Mahon’s Conquest for Promotions. Finally, King suggests we talk WWE and The Beard heel turns to make it not three… nah, man… we need FIVE dream matchups if ROH is consumed by the Beast from the East (Coast). All that and so much more on a very SPECIAL episode of Heel Turn Radio.

Episode 78 – Five Stages of Fandom

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger travel the globe to revisit what is going on in the New Wrestling in Japan, Anthem’s Owlful change of events, the Honorable Ring, CHIKARAmania and a docket of shows this weekend in Minnesota that is PACKED! On top of all that, the merch is finally here! Check out the Merch page and go to What a Maneuver to buy Heel Turn or LEWGI clothing. #WAMfam

Also, a big shoutout to @ Give her amazing article and series a read, “The Five Stages of Minoru Suzuki Fandom” #SuzukiSundays