Episode 156- Scene Boy Hours

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger finally sit down with “The Scene” Sebastian Taylor and it’s a total trip. From back row smarking to in-ring rocking, we couldn’t be happier to have him bring the Fight to the Mudd Pit. We discuss his feud with Rylie Jackson, his upcoming match with Angel Dorado, and what it meant to be the 14th Graduate of The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling.

Photo: Knocked Out Entertainment


Episode 155 – On A Clear Day, You Can See Forever

We Came. We saw. We sat at the Announce Booth Shaped Like A Table in the Haunted Balcony. The Beard, YOUR King Ginger, and The Dark Prophet preview and review MAW’s Season 2 Premiere: On A Clear Day, You Can See Forever recorded LIVE at the Historic Mounds Theatre.

Episode 154 – Freaky Friday with Frantik #7NationCHIKARMY

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger in an effort to tap into our ultimate forms have a conversation with Proteus Wheel member Frantik to discuss other experiments by Professor Nicodemus, the outcome of King of Trios, what destruction the Proteus Wheel plans to unleash in the remainder of CHIKARA Pro Season 19, his unrecognized but awesome child, and if anything can be done to be spared once you enter his sight. Come along on another #7NationCHIKARMY adventure for a Freaky Friday with Frantik.

Art by: Otar


Dive Club @ Grumpy’s Downtown

Ahoy and Anchor’s Away! Another month, another Dive. This month we bid a fond farewell to Grumpy’s Downtown in high seas fashion: the return of Bragging Rights, getting our grump on, and a Ref Bump to boot. As it heads to Davy Jones’ locker, we raise our glasses high and carry it’s spirit with us (so long as we have a good mixer).

Episode 153 – Schr√∂dinger’s Wolf

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger get a chance to Sprechen Sie Wrestling with Kris Wolf calling in during the wee hours of the German AM. We talk about meat, crushing boxes, time travel, and the multiverse in one of our favorite interviews. After that, we run through the first two weeks of the Fall season of shows before signing off and preparing our bodies for ALL OF THE WRESTLING.

Episode 152 – Holladay In Easton #7NationCHIKARMY

The Beard continues the #7NationCHIKARMY interview series ahead of King of Trios as Chikara’s own Scott Holladay calls in to run through the card and talk about this season of CHIKARA action as well as responding to dream and nightmare tag team partners should his name be drawn for La Loteria Letal later this season. Who’s your pick to win #KOT18? Let us know!



Dive Club @ Ran-Ham

Two teams enter, two teams leave… because it’s bowling. This isn’t to the death, it’s for PRIZES! Listen as two mighty foursomes do battle on the lane as #TeamDiveClub takes on #TeamDinghy for all the… marbles? Pins? Okay, we lost the metaphor here, but as aforementioned, there ARE prizes. Featuring Orin Veidt, Rylie Jackson, John Maddening, and Referee Hyde Caelum as #TeamDinghy and your lovely hosts + producer as #TeamDiveClub!