Episode 86 – Pay Day for Bay Bay

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger talk tenderly about the local scene’s weekend shows (which have all swapped around since recording), the NJPW Best of the Super Jr.’s Tournament, and the fate of ADAM COLE BAY BAY! More than that, we have a healthy host of motherly love throughout. Don’t forget to do something special for that lady that brought you into this world this weekend and just like Marky Mark, say hello to your mother for us.

Episode 84 – The Fellowship of the Honorable Ring

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger are joined to preview ROH’s Masters of the Craft event by Earl and then are transported forward in time by the wonders of the timeless ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels to a two-man booth providing a review of the show. We talk villainy, comedy, and Academy and for the love of gawd, SOMEONE TWO PETE ME! The Fellowship is Joined. #MNDIYwrestling

Episode 83 – Priceless

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger sit down with the Minnesota Wrecker Josh Price and kick ROH to the curb in favor of an ROH Weekend Special on the 29th for Masters of Craft. We discussed the many faces (and heels) of Chavo Guerrero, how hated Price is by hipsters, teaching your kids not to headbutt like Shibata, and a bad turn with many bad jokes before wrapping up with a challenge to Leonard Literacy for a “Babysitting Duties on a Pole” Match. BOOK IT!

Episode 81 – Mizolution is a Miztery

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger get all hopped up on the Tuss ‘N’ Flu to talk ‘Mania, the first week of the new year of WWE, and the Superstar Shakeup and continue our pseudo-feud unloading a whole new attack from our Barsenal Arsenal at the Big Barse Man. We talk the return of the Hardys, where we think certain folks will end up. Who we would switch if we did and what a new Four Horsemen might look like as we faction up as we are wont to do. Give a listen to a very special episode of Heel Turn Radio.