Dive Club – Dusty’s Bar

An all-new collaboration with MNDIY Wrestling, we bring you a monthly meet up Minnesota Wrestling fans at a different Dive Bar each month! This Month: A 10 Count, booking Dive Bars, and answering the hard hitting questions of the MNDIY faithful all tied up with a sailor’s knot during the premier episode of Dive Club MN hosted by Ultimate Worrier + Clark Feldman.

Episode 94: Witch Hunt

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger talk freedom, future outings, and all things Dark Prophet as they are joined by Orin Veidt fresh off of revealing his new Witch Hunter finishing maneuver this past weekend which BLEW. OUR. MINDS. Like Japanese wrestling? Are you a Death Match Guy? This is the interview for you. So much wrestling over this holiday weekend and into next week. Be a completest and you can stop wondering what all our cryptic tweets are about as well. #75DIVE

Episode 93 – Part Two: Are We There Yet?

The Beard & Ultimate Worrier wrap up the second part of the Rob Page interview and then YOUR King Ginger joins The Beard to preview some of the weekend’s shows around the state (and where our stately wrestlers) Crew up, gather round and let’s go diving into the Land of 10,000 Graps.

Image via Old Abbot Photography

Episode 93 – Part One: Make Rob Ref Again

The Beard & Ultimate Worrier break it down #TacoTuesday style at Bar Luchador with a two-part interview talking everything from his training and development to where he is seeing things going on the local scene. We drink margaritas, Rob introduces to the El Generico Nachos, and Angelo stops by to add his two pesos.