Episode 74 – Great Moments For A Heel Turn

The Beard is flying solo as he interviews James Hornsby, writer and artist of Botched Spot, a wrestling webcomic. Since 2008 Botched Spot has been parodying, satirizing, and lampooning (whatever he can use to try and get sued the least) professional wrestling culture, be it televised products, internet followings, or live shows. We talk about his origin story for the comic, his favorite wrestlers, the St. Louis scene, crossover appeal of wrestling comics, as well as more discussion of digital distribution methods and patronage of the arts, especially... WRESTLING!

Episode 73 – The Genuine Art Barrticle

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger explore a bountiful weekend of wrestling speaking to NXT, the Royal Rumble, local shows, and flowery prose. We also have the privilege to sit down with "Genuine Article" Chris Jordan, or GACJ as we like to call him to discuss the state of wrestling in Minnesota and his 9th Fundraiser with MIW and Holy Nativity benefiting three worthy causes serving youth and homelessness. He's a heck of a guy on one hell of a 'cast. Also, we have a couple stanzas for Leonard Literacy!

Episode 72 – Bunny a la King

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger can't hear a thing. We have got no service in the PITT you see, see. Wha-wha-what did you say? Oh, you're breaking up on me. Sorry, we cannot hear you, we're kinda busy (listening to Earl Montgomery spill more beans about Game of Crowns, Derrik Fury and Ryan Cooke discussing their intertwined careers, and catching up with the illustrious Chainsaw King). All that and a barrel of laughs as Heel Turn Radio sits out the snow and traffic and connects via the interwebs to the pulse of wrestling!

Episode 71 – Grapes and Carrots

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger kick off the guest list for 2017 with a HUGE five-man booth including "The Mayor of Chanhassen" Pete Huge, "Neverending" Scott Story aka "The Saucy One" aka "The Playboy Protege", and "Gorgeous" Jordy Lee on the line from Green Bay aka HOTLANTA, WI. We rap about 2016, the war being waged for the soul of MIW, the Pro Wrestling Battleground 10th Anniversary, then cut some promos, talk some smack, dream of a world where Pete Huge manages a stable, and deny all Russian involvement in professional wrestling. We think 2017 is shaping up to be good. MUY good.

Episode 70 – Drivering Miss Daisy

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger release episodes out of order, why you may ask? BECAUSE WE CAN! YOUR Top Guys get down and dirty talking all things Wrestle Kingdom 11 and the New Year's Dash! We then wrap up with our 7 Sincere Hopes for 2017. Join us for all the same tired hype you've already read and heard about one of the greatest matches ever, horrible mispronunciations of great athletes, and an actual sincere hope that each and every one of you who listen go out and find your Wrestling Muse this year. Ichiban!

Episode 69 – PODSTRAVAGANZA 2016

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger hit the road to Up-Down Barcade in Minneapolis and are joined by members of the LEWGI Legion and local wrestlers Kai Strife, Leonard Literacy, and Pete Huge to talk about the year that was, the year that will be and generally talk smack about one another while we play through X-Men, shoot some pinball, and allow ourselves to be accosted as we record on the patio. We take a break for some Chinese food, come back, and then tack on our own picks for the Best of 2016. Why? Because it's the year-end PODSTRAVAGANZA, BAYBAY!

Episode 68 – Pleading The 7th

Multiple Beard ALERT! Multiple Beard ALERT! YOUR King Ginger & THE Beard are joined by an equally powerful Beard, in 7 Star Wrestling Promoter Earl 'The Honey Badger' Montgomery! We discuss his views on the year that was both on the local scene and in wrestling overall. We then move into the art of Promoting & Booking, the work that folks like Earl put in to build a show to entertain the masses, and what he might be doing in 2017. We wrap up with the idea of a 'Wrestling Resume', getting 'Heat', and how not to get booked. So give it a listen, give 7 Star Wrestling some love on social media, and SUPPORT LOCAL WRESTLING!