Episode 78 – Five Stages of Fandom

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger travel the globe to revisit what is going on in the New Wrestling in Japan, Anthem’s Owlful change of events, the Honorable Ring, CHIKARAmania and a docket of shows this weekend in Minnesota that is PACKED! On top of all that, the merch is finally here! Check out the Merch page and go to What a Maneuver to buy Heel Turn or LEWGI clothing. #WAMfam

Also, a big shoutout to @ Give her amazing article and series a read, “The Five Stages of Minoru Suzuki Fandom” #SuzukiSundays

Episode 77 – You Just Made The List

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger recap their 7Star experience and talk about long and short form storytelling in wrestling touching on promotions from local to national and how that affects who gets booked and how we enjoy the product. We also dive deep into upcoming cards and talk about what gets us out to a show. The final segment sees the return of the HUGE list in which we discuss who we throw our hard earned duckets down to see locally and then wrap with our #InternationalWomensDay list of the Women we love to watch step in the squared circle.

Episode 76 – Have Mic Will Travel / Dave Swears By It

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger & The Genius & YO Randy & Diamond Dave & Hot Bod & Nasty Nate get together to just keep recording and recording because when we kliq up, we can’t stop and won’t stop like we’re “Gorgeous” Jordy Lee. We talk about our favorite things, have a HUGE surprise guest, and share with one another what makes brings us the great wrestling joys. We’re back and we’re better than ever.

Episode 75 – Oh, It’s Live Pal

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger are celebrating another LEWGIversary for our 75th show filled with long lost fellows, reminiscing, the express of Rock and Roll, local shows, CHIKARA’s lost season, Sid and Arn, making MIW Great Again with Pete and Scott, and the newest of New Japan. We came, we recorded, and like Men on a Mission, we’re just heelin’ so hard with Hot Dog Buddy Little, Nasty Nate, YO Randy, and are joined by The Genius mid-cast. 12 LARGE.

Episode 74 – Great Moments For A Heel Turn

The Beard is flying solo as he interviews James Hornsby, writer and artist of Botched Spot, a wrestling webcomic. Since 2008 Botched Spot has been parodying, satirizing, and lampooning (whatever he can use to try and get sued the least) professional wrestling culture, be it televised products, internet followings, or live shows. We talk about his origin story for the comic, his favorite wrestlers, the St. Louis scene, crossover appeal of wrestling comics, as well as more discussion of digital distribution methods and patronage of the arts, especially… WRESTLING!