Dive Club @ Spot Bar

Ahoy-hoy! What’s do you get when you cross the oldest continually operating bar in St. Paul, John Maddening’s tale of cross-country train wonder, and three glasses of Mucci Juice? This month’s Dive Club recorded LIVE from Spot Bar! This episode had everything: a Ref Bump dotted with non-wrestling awesomeness, a digital carousel of Empire Building, and the return of Happy Hour Gimmicks for the Ghost of Kayla. Bon voyage!



Dive Club @ Grumpy’s Downtown

Ahoy and Anchor’s Away! Another month, another Dive. This month we bid a fond farewell to Grumpy’s Downtown in high seas fashion: the return of Bragging Rights, getting our grump on, and a Ref Bump to boot. As it heads to Davy Jones’ locker, we raise our glasses high and carry it’s spirit with us (so long as we have a good mixer).

Dive Club @ Ran-Ham

Two teams enter, two teams leave… because it’s bowling. This isn’t to the death, it’s for PRIZES! Listen as two mighty foursomes do battle on the lane as #TeamDiveClub takes on #TeamDinghy for all the… marbles? Pins? Okay, we lost the metaphor here, but as aforementioned, there ARE prizes. Featuring Orin Veidt, Rylie Jackson, John Maddening, and Referee Hyde Caelum as #TeamDinghy and your lovely hosts + producer as #TeamDiveClub!


Dive Club First Anniversary

Baby’s turning one, and finally learning how to crawl. Thanks to everyone who came and crawled with us, starting from Northeast Yacht Club, then to Dusty’s, and finishing up at Psycho Suzi’s! We took a look back, thought about the here and now, and took a look to the future. Join us on a 43 minute tour or don’t. Whatever floats your boat.






Dive Club X Book Club

This month Dive Club takes us 20,000 Leagues Below Big V’s Saloon and the audio sounds like it. The Captain was asleep at the wheel as we played some musical chairs so while we may sound underwater at times, the Book Club (with a little help from John Maddening) brought us to new heights and depths as we talked about fantasy matchups, building a more equitable wrestling landscape, and went Inside the Author’s Studio with Leonard Literacy & Dewey Decimal.


Dive Club @ Memory Lanes

Dive Club got serious as The Firm stopped by as we bowled our way through some upcoming wrestling, discussing whether or not we were #GalleryReady, plus the Young Gun puts the moves on the waitress. All par for the course for another MNDIY Meet & Greet and Dive Club podcast hosted by Miss JL, Ultimate Worrier, and Official Junior Senior Official: Clark Feldman.

Dive Club @ Sporty’s

The whole gang is back together for Burger Baskets, Wings, and things at Sporty’s Bar on Como Avenue. Clark Feldman, Miss JL, Ultimate Worrier, and The Beard are joined by Silverback Mike to Ref Bump all sorts of great wrestling, talk Dive Bars and Wrestling Venues, and ask some questions about where you start when you find yourself in the wide world of wrestling. All that and some delicious Chili on a very special edition of Dive Club.


Dive Club @ Tootie’s on Lowry

It’s a brand new year with brand new graphics and the same folks you’ve come to know and love. Clark Feldman, Ultimate Worrier, Miss JL, and The Beard are back again to talk the year that was and the year ahead as well as coming up with more gimmicks for our indecisive Padawan, 2 Cold Tyler. All that and WINGS on this January Edition of Dive Club recorded LIVE at Tootie’s on Lowry!