Dive Club @ Turf Club

Clark Feldman has finally bested the Ultimate Worrier in Bragging Rights and is celebrating by doing an EVOLVE tryout! Along with Miss JL and The Beard we chop up King of the Wing flavors, chat about the Husky greatness of Kody Rice getting to live out his dream in CZW and come up with Happy Hour Gimmicks worthy of Porkchop Jones. All that, plus the Ref Bumps!


Dive Club @ Cardinal Bar

Dive Club dives deep inside South Minneapolis. So South. So Minne. So Apolis. We ref bump some under viewed wrestle items, present Worrier with his FOURTH straight Bragging Rights honors, and then make up gimmicks for Tyler before we go LIVE on Facebook for our Q&A with the Mayor of Chanhassen, Pete Huge!

Dive Club – Dusty’s Bar

An all-new collaboration with MNDIY Wrestling, we bring you a monthly meet up Minnesota Wrestling fans at a different Dive Bar each month! This Month: A 10 Count, booking Dive Bars, and answering the hard hitting questions of the MNDIY faithful all tied up with a sailor’s knot during the premier episode of Dive Club MN hosted by Ultimate Worrier + Clark Feldman.