The Beard & YOUR King Ginger get down to business! We touch upon the two tournaments that have stolen both our black hearts; The Battle Of Los Angeles & King Of Trios ’16! We run down the first two nights, who won, who lost, the surprises, the laughs, the tears, and everything else we’ve been able to to gleam from scouring the non-naughty bits of the Interwebs. We then move onto the state of Ring Of Honor and where we think or fear they go from here. With Lethal’s reign ending and the possibility of Cole Vs. O’Reilly, two years after PWG did the same damn thing, what does ROH really have to offer the wrestling fans? We wrap up with everything MN Indy! So get your life together, go to Spot Monkey Media and give them your money, and listen to the DAMN PRODUCT already!


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