Glorious Bomb

The Beard & the mentally addled YOUR King Ginger reunite and it DOES feel so good! We break down the strange love hate relationship we have with the current main roster ‘Product’. Between the teases of wonderful things and the nonsensical insanity of the booking we find ourselves flummoxed. We then touch upon NXT and how it NEVER ceases to be enjoyable. We remind you that you should ALWAYS be listening to Loose Ropes Wrestling, our Canadian Brothers from other mothers, the biggest Kenny Omega fans walking gawd’s green earth. And last, but certainly not least, we aren’t openly weeping, BUT we will say that the CWC is damn good at pulling on our collective heartstrings. So gird your loins, because we are BACK!

And as always, well from now on, your official L.E.W.G.I. endorsed Podcast is brought to you in part by the beauty, the majesty, the wonder that IS….Spot Monkey Media. Learn it, Love it, LIVE by it!


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