Episode 174 – Let’s Celebrate Together

The Beard chats with Chikara Pro Director of Fun, Bryce Remsburg about Wrestlepaloozas, the importance of building a strong community in and out of wrestling, and the upcoming National Pro Wrestling Day to benefit Arch Street Center on February 10th in Lancaster, PA. Give it a listen and check them out online to learn more!


Episode 154 – Freaky Friday with Frantik #7NationCHIKARMY

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger in an effort to tap into our ultimate forms have a conversation with Proteus Wheel member Frantik to discuss other experiments by Professor Nicodemus, the outcome of King of Trios, what destruction the Proteus Wheel plans to unleash in the remainder of CHIKARA Pro Season 19, his unrecognized but awesome child, and if anything can be done to be spared once you enter his sight. Come along on another #7NationCHIKARMY adventure for a Freaky Friday with Frantik.

Art by: Otar


Episode 152 – Holladay In Easton #7NationCHIKARMY

The Beard continues the #7NationCHIKARMY interview series ahead of King of Trios as Chikara’s own Scott Holladay calls in to run through the card and talk about this season of CHIKARA action as well as responding to dream and nightmare tag team partners should his name be drawn for La Loteria Letal later this season. Who’s your pick to win #KOT18? Let us know!



Episode 150 – Viva LuchANT Libre

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger are joined by the “Resilient Rookie” of CHIKARA: Green Ant to celebrate our resilience as we hit our 150th episode. We laughed. We cried. We talked favorite picnic foods, and favorite ants. Hearing about the first year of Green Ant’s professional career is a total inspiration and testament to the prowess of the Wrestle Factory and its trainers.  We are living in a great age of wrestling friends. There’s a flavor for everyone. As we’ve been saying on our #7NationCHIKARMY ‘casts, try CHIKARA. It just may be the flavor you’ve been missing.


Episode 149 – Boar Is War #7NationCHIKARMY

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger finally get the opportunity to chat with the finest smelling Boar in all of professional wrestling as our #7NationCHIKARMY Summer Interview Series rolls on. We wax philosophic about big meng teams and feature the first positive mention of Power & Glory in Heel Turn Radio history. It just goes to show that sometimes you need the chutzpah of a good Boar to show you how hossy life can truly be.


Episode 144: I (Do Not) Heart Huckabees

The Beard & YOUR Ultimate Worrier are joined by CHIKARA Pro wrestlers Razerhawk and Travis Huckabee as our #7NationCHIKARMY Summer Interview Series rolls on. We talk about upcoming shows this weekend including Clan Feuds which will not only feature the wrestlers of CHIKARA taking on Beyond Wrestling, but a four on four match including our two guests!

Episode 141 – #7NationCHIKARMY: Lucas Calhoun

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger continue our #7NationCHIKARMY Summer Interview Series with none other than Lucas Calhoun! We chat about Clone drama, karate, finding another Volgar to take on the Legion of Rot, and make a date for the goth club when he comes to wrestler for F1rst Wrestling in September. Hang on to your jumpsuits, ladies and gentlemen. This one is a doozy!



Episode 137: Callux the Castigator

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger make contact with Callux the Castigator of The Proteus Wheel but it doesn’t last long. After recovering the tape, this is all we could piece together from his short, violent, and impactful interview. We’re not sure what cut it short, but as a Volgar of few words, he sure made them count. Another installment of our #7NationCHIKARMY Summer Interview Series.


Episode 136 – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger fire up the 7 Nation CHIKARMY engine and sit down with Chikara Pro’s Gen 1 Original/Director of Fun/Senior Official/Wrestle Dad/World’s Cutest Ref Bryce Remsburg to talk Season 19, his role at Wrestlepalooza this Saturday at First Avenue, and enough baseball to bring a smile to the face of Dasher Hatfield himself.

Episode 130 – Enter the Dragon Dragon

The King & YOUR King Ginger meet the new Mouth of the… Northeast? Philadelphia’s own CHIKARA Pro has a new Luchannouncer and his name is Preston Blathers. We hear a bit about his training and journey so far, his debut at Young Lions Cup, and get to the bottom of a Howard Finkel impression for the ages. Turn the volume up and put those gold chains down, it’s a soft reboot with a young up and comer!