LEWGI Legion – Tag Local, Dream Global


20160609_173025.jpgYeah, we made a list like every other copycat out there. We’ve got Darrin Hecimovich + Pete Huge under our proverbial belts. Time to check off the first name on the new list, eh?

Loose Ropes Wrestling Radio Show & Podcast is coming to town from north of the border for Ring of Honor Wrestling in Hopkins, MN so we’re going to be Poppin’ Dogs + Talkin’ Hogs while we prepare for Tag Wars Saturday Night.

Look for the the meeting of minds to go up next week and stay tuned this summer as we work on the rest of the list. We’ve got some fun surprises coming up.

If you want to talk with us, tweet at us! @LEWGI4Life. If you’re on the list or not, we’re just a bunch of folks who love wrestling.