The Lost Episodes

Beard here. You may have noticed that there is an absence in our archive. While we’ve picked the reigns back up, this Summer was a pretty bleak one for us wrestling-wise. After the fallout in June of our departure from our regular commentary gig, none of us had much of a taste to go to shows but we kept doing interviews. Disappointingly for many, including myself, those interviews didn’t make it through the editing booth and up on the site. But if we can all agree to find our smiles again now that we’re back producing regular content and lining up some fun things for 2020, we have something extra coming:

The Lost Episodes featuring interviews with Loose Ropes Wrestling Radio Show & Podcast, Bobby Brennan, Bobby Constellation, Ultimate Worrier, Jordy Lee, Famous Wrestler, and Devon Monroe will be released today and tomorrow. We hope you’ll enjoy and that we can have these great folks on again to talk about everything they have going on. Well, except one. SPOILERS.


As The Heel Turns – Week of 08/05/19

This week we launch daily content throughout the week starting with one of our most anticipated interviews yet and a few returning favorites to celebrate our 200th Episode!

Monday // 08.05
Heel Turn Episode 200 Part 1
D&DDT Domains of Dread LIVE on TTRP Theater @ 7pm CST

Tuesday // 08.06
D&DDT Tasty Boyz Episode 36

Wednesday // 08/07
Heel Turn Episode 200 Part 2
D&DDT Jung Dragons 06 – Part 1

Thursday // 08.08
Throwback Thursday
MNDIY Wrestling Wrestleweekend Preview

Friday // 08.09
Heel Turn Episode 200 Part 3

Saturday // 08.10
We Don’t Roll On Shabbos, Donnie!*

Sunday // 08.11
Sunday Showcase: No Marcy Monday – Heel Turn Classic Preview

*Weekends are for Wrestling!