Episode 202 – Enter the Sugarman

The Beard & Sugar Bob Brennan get on the horn to talk about the Heaviest Hands in the Midwest as well as the Wrestling scene in North Dakota and the advent of Cloud 9 wrestling and leaving Bobby behind. 

Episode 200 – Part 3 – Nic Kolodziej

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger are back in the Mudd Pit and welcome Nic of the Undercard Podcast back to the podcast and into the pit for the very first time. We talk G1 Climax 29 predictions, prepare our bodies for SuperSlam, and run through all of the fantastic MNDIY Wrestling shows this weekend. Head on over to the Undercard Podcast to hear us chat with Nic about NXT Takeover Toronto and a bunch of other hot takes and general chit chat. Thank you to everyone who has supported us for 200 episodes and we hope to see you at episode 300!

Episode 200 – Part 1 – Mike Quackenbush

The Beard is tackling Part 1 of our 3-Part Episode 200 Podstravaganza solo welcoming the “Master of A Thousand Holds” Mike Quackenbush to Heel Turn Radio for the very first time to discuss storytelling, lessons accumulated throughout his 25 year career, and a few aptly named Lightning Round questions. Come along and kick off the 200s on a very special episode.

As The Heel Turns – Week of 08/05/19

This week we launch daily content throughout the week starting with one of our most anticipated interviews yet and a few returning favorites to celebrate our 200th Episode!

Monday // 08.05
Heel Turn Episode 200 Part 1
D&DDT Domains of Dread LIVE on TTRP Theater @ 7pm CST

Tuesday // 08.06
D&DDT Tasty Boyz Episode 36

Wednesday // 08/07
Heel Turn Episode 200 Part 2
D&DDT Jung Dragons 06 – Part 1

Thursday // 08.08
Throwback Thursday
MNDIY Wrestling Wrestleweekend Preview

Friday // 08.09
Heel Turn Episode 200 Part 3

Saturday // 08.10
We Don’t Roll On Shabbos, Donnie!*

Sunday // 08.11
Sunday Showcase: No Marcy Monday – Heel Turn Classic Preview

*Weekends are for Wrestling!

Episode 199 – FTS 51

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger are joined by Worrier and a very special guest to close out the 100’s: #OfficialJuniorSeniorOfficial Clark Feldman. We talk about his epic four show, 3,000 mile trek and what he’s been up to since we last saw him and look back on his three years in the biz and ahead to new horizons for us all. We love Clark. You should too.