The Beard & YOUR King Ginger wrap up their double shot Wednesday night with some ideas for the Mega Powers UNITING; aka the Loose Ropes Wrestling Radio Show & Podcast team-up. Then we go global with some Best Of The Super Jr.s talk, especially the fallout of old man kvetching over the Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet epic encounter. We try and hold a ‘Vader Intervention’. We move on to Tag Wars in ROH with some picks for night one and two. *SPOILER* it should be Roppongi Vice. “FOREVER!” The Beard talks about the old adage of never meet your heroes. And we wrap up by going LOCAL with our first ever ordering of the inaugural HUGE List while also giving you the info on all the upcoming local shows. Get out there, support Indy Wrestling, and remember to never sleep on Roppongi Vice!


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