The Beard, Nasty Nate, YO Randy, and YOUR King Ginger gather in the basement to make signs, run down the card, and make predictions regarding Ring Of Honor’s Survival Of The Fittest Night 2 in Hopkins, MN! After moving through the card, and listening to The Beard talk trash and draw his ass off we talk some Chuck Taylor’s 24/7 Chikara Hardcore title on YouTube, talk some NXT feuds, continue to bask in the Chikara afterglow, whether we are completely attracted to Asuka or COMPLETELY terrified of her, the Michael ‘Meh’ Elgin to NXT rumors, BJ Whitmer being Poop, our Canadian brethren from Loose Ropes Wrestling, & the beauty of heel Roddy Strong in PWG. Well you know it’s a Heel Turn Radio so we’re going to talk a LOT of PWG.


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