The Beard & YOUR King Ginger get together to talk racism, the Big Bad Booty Daddy’s birthday, Destination America dropping wrestling, TNA & GFW’s as strange bedfellows, King Of Trios 2015, Wyatt family rumors, the stain on Women’s wrestling that is Vince McMahon’s vision, Dalton ‘MFing’ Castle, our excitement over Ultimate Lucha, NXT driver’s licenses, BOLA 2015, we introduce the wonder that is Robo Dusty, and go into great, explicit detail regarding our on-going love affair with Loose Ropes Wrestling. Oh and we need to make a correction, our L.E.W.G.I. brethern whose stuff you should be reading is none other than Justin Lewis on Inside Pulse under the name Grainbelt Jones. GO FIND HIS STUFF, WE COMMAND IT!

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