D&DDT: Session Zero, Part 1

The Party finds itself and then finds a challenge in front of them. Running from Rolled & Told Issue #0 we put the newly formed band of adventurers through the ringer in a timed Zero Session to help them get their bearings. Would they all survive the encounter? Tune in to find out! Starring Clark Feldman, Orin Veidt, Hyde Caelum, The Ringer, King Ginger, and Your DM: The Beard.


D&DDT: And Then There Was D&DDT

Always after new adventure, Heel Turn Radio has turned conversation into action and recruited five fine fellows to embark on a MNDIY Wrestling Adventure into the land of… well, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. In this pre-Zero episode we talk about our experiences with gaming and then jump into character creation. Listen in and then check back in October for new episodes of D&DDT starring Orin Veidt, Rylie Jackson, Clark Feldman, Hyde Caelum, The Ringer aka Nasty Nate aka Biff McLargehuge, and hosted every other week by The Beard & YOUR King Ginger.