Heel Turn Radio is the official podcast of The League of Extraordinary Wrestling Gentlepeople, Inc. (LEWGI), a group of friends and Wrestling fans and is hosted by The Beard (James Wheeler) & YOUR King Ginger (Ben Maier). The main podcast was started in 2013 as a way to chat about PPVs amongst LEWGI friends and has evolved into a weekly show featuring interviews, reviews, and updates with a focus on discussion of the past, present, and future of the Minnesota wrestling scene. In 2017, The Beard founded MNDIY Wrestling (MNDIYWrestling.com) in an effort to bring information about the Minnesota wrestling community together in a one-stop shop for fans, wrestlers, and promoters. Growing out of MNDIY, a second podcast, Dive Club, was created in 2017 as a meet up for fans and wrestlers alike. Produced by The Beard and featuring hosts: Referee Clark Feldman, Miss JL (Linda Butler), and the Ultimate Worrier (Ryan Franson), the podcast is taped at a different Dive Bar alternating back and forth between Minneapolis and St. Paul monthly. In 2018, Heel Turn Radio expanded again dabbling in Ring Announcing as well as creating a three-man Commentary team featuring The Beard, King Ginger, and Ultimate Worrier that travels the land calling action from the Announce Booth Shaped Like A Table. In addition to their commentary endeavors they have also found time to start a third podcast D&DDT: A MNDIY Adventure which features wrestling personalities from Minnesota playing the OG of all role playing games: Dungeons & Dragons. All podcasts are typically presented in a one hour downloadable and streamed formats. You can find all the podcast content at heelturnradio.com or subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher. Follow Heel Turn Radio on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at heelturnradio or e.mail them at heelturnradio [at] gmail [dot] com.

The Beard & YOUR King Ginger



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